Important Information:

Candidates experiencing technical difficulties with their exam registration should contact the APC via email with a screen shot of the issue.

Please note after processing your application, the Assessments Team may send you an email stating “Further Information Required” to decide on your application. You will have 90 days from the date of that email to submit the required documentation described in the email. If you do not submit all the required information or documentation within the stated time, you will be taken to have withdrawn your application, and your application will lapse. Please note if your application lapses, you will need to reapply and commence the application process and pay the relevant fee again. The documents that you submit with your lapsed application will be deleted.

Our candidate portal will only allow candidates to have one candidate account. Should you create more than one account, our system will automatically lock you out and you will not be able to proceed. Please contact either our exams team or our assessments team should you experience difficulties.