Council and Committees

Sue Kirsa
Vice President
Iqbal Ramzan
Gayle Ginnane
Amanda Galbraith
Rhonda Clifford
Nicholas Glasgow
Sarah Roberts-Thomson
Leanne Wells

Our committees

The APC has three committees appointed by Council under relevant By-laws.

Finance, Audit and Risk Monitoring Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Monitoring (FARM) Committee oversees and monitors the APC’s financial and compliance risks.

The primary functions of the FARM Committee is to monitor the APC’s finances, undertake assessment of risks, review policies relating to the FARM By-law and monitor delegation and management systems.

Ms Gayle Ginnane (Chair)
Professor Iqbal Ramzan
Mr Paul Groenewegen

FARM Committee By-Law

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee has responsibility for accreditation decisions in accordance with policies set by Council. The Committee’s structure draws upon relevant expertise across the pharmacy profession, academia and the community to enable the Committee to make decisions that are robust and defensible.

Professor Nick Shaw (Chair)
Ms Karalyn Huxhagen
Professor Rhonda Clifford
Dr Pam Montgomery
Ms Adele Print
Dr Erica Sainsbury
Ms Fiona Tito Wheatland

Accreditation Committee By-Law

Examinations Committee

The Examinations Committee is an operational committee of the APC. It ensures the integrity and defensibility in the administration of the high stakes exams for interns and overseas applicants by the Australian Pharmacy Council Ltd (APC).

Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom AO (Chair)
Dr Joanna Moullin, Curtin University
Dr Julie Stevens, RMIT University
Emeritus Prof David Prideaux , Flinders University
Prof Jim Tognolini, University of Sydney
Dr Daniel Malone , Monash University
Kristy Grady, CPA

Examination Committee By-Law