After submitting your payment information you will receive an email confirmation containing your order details. We will normally confirm receipt of your payment within a few minutes of submitting your payment.We will also send you a separate email to confirm the submission of your assessment application or exam registration.

Applications for skills assessment services are normally processed within 6 weeks of submission as long as you have provided all of the required documentation and evidence to an acceptable standard with your application. As per our Refund Policy we are unable to offer refunds for skills assessment services. Email us at if you have an issue with our skills assessment services.

Examination services will be provided on the date that you have nominated as a part of your exam registration.We will contact you 14 days days before your nominated exam to confirm the date, time and venue for your exam. It is possible to request a refund for your exam in certain circumstances. Please have a look at our Refund Policy for further information. Email us at if you have a query about your exam.