Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Under the National Law, all registered health practitioners must undertake Continuing Professional Development CPD.

CPD for pharmacists is an important part of maintaining, improving and broadening their knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure competence throughout their professional lives. 

The professional competencies for pharmacists are set out in the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia (the Competency Standards). Pharmacists are to self-assess their individual needs with references to the Competency Standards.  

CPD requirements by PBA

The Pharmacy Board of Australia has developed standards and guidelines on CPD requirements for Australian registered pharmacists. 

CPD Accreditation

The Pharmacy Board of Australia has authorised us to accredit organisations to accredit CPD activities for pharmacists. We undertake this role by accrediting organisations to accredit CPD on our behalf.

The accreditation of CPD activities provides an assurance to pharmacists that an activity has been reviewed for its educational quality.

Organisations accredited by us to accredit CPD are required to assess CPD activities against the Accreditation Standards for Continuing Professional Development