Your organisation can apply to become a CPD Accrediting Organisation if a core role of your organisation is the education of pharmacists.

The steps below show the process we follow to accredit your organisation as a CPD accrediting organisation:

Step 1: Application

You will submit your Application to Become an Accrediting Organisation of Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacists with the application fee. 

Step 2: Internal review

We will do an internal review of your application to check for completeness. We may require more information if it is not complete. 

Step 3: CPD Review Panel assessment

We will convene a CPD Review Panel to conduct an initial review of the application. The composition of the CPD panel includes independent Australian pharmacists with experience in professional education and APC staff. In some instances, the CPD Review Panel may require more information from you.

Step 4:  Independent assessment  

We will send your application to an independent internationally-based reviewer for further assessment. The reviewer will have experience in pharmacy and CPD accreditation matters. The reviewer will confirm the findings of the CPD Review Panel or request more information from you.

Step 4: Recommendations arising from assessment 

We will then develop recommendations to be submitted to our Accreditation Committee. We will notify you of the expected timelines for approval.

After the recommendations are considered by our Accreditation Committee, we will notify you of the decision. If the application is unsuccessful:

  • we will give you the opportunity to rectify the issues identified
  • and/or to respond to our Accreditation Committee, the CPD Review Panel or the independent reviewer’s concerns.

Step 5: Accreditation

If your application is successful, we will list your organisation details and accreditation information on our website. We will also advise the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA).

Step 6: Monitoring

We accredit each organisation for 3 years.

We undertake additional quality assurance and monitoring activities to ensure your ongoing compliance with our standards, guidelines and policies.

We will notify you of each accreditation decision via an Accreditation Outcome Notification.

Step 7: Renewal of Accreditation  

We will notify you that your accreditation is due for renewal approximately 3 months prior to the expiry date. You will need to fill and submit an accreditation application form which will be in a similar format to your initial application.