International accreditation processes

We undertake accreditation of international programs against the Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Programs in Australia and New Zealand.

We offer accreditation of international programs for two main purposes:

  • Assuring the quality of programs formally linked to Australian/New Zealand accredited pharmacy programs and/or;
  • As an independent, international quality improvement review.


We undertake accreditation of international programs against the Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Applying for Accreditation

Please review our  Guidelines for International Accreditation

Please review our Expression of Interest Form.

We encourage program providers seeking accreditation to contact us to discuss the application process and timelines for review. Application times and scheduling of site evaluations will be dependent upon the maturity of the program under review and the ability to schedule a site evaluation. Accreditation of pharmacy programs may take up to 30 months if the program is newly established.

Site Evaluations and Monitoring

International programs undergo a site evaluation prior to accreditation being granted and then once during each 5 year accreditation cycle.

International Site Evaluation Teams (ISETs) are composed of 2 suitably qualified academics, 2 practising pharmacists, 1 APC quality auditor and 1 (APC) accreditation secretariat.

The health and safety of the ISET members is taken into account prior to and when conducting a site evaluation.  We reserve the right to refuse to conduct a site evaluation in circumstances where the safety of the team cannot be ensured.

Accreditation Fees

We require international programs to meet the same monitoring requirements as domestic programs, including annual reports and site evaluations.  In addition, accreditation fees reflect parity with the accreditation fees for domestic programs, minus any subsidy provided by the registration body. Where costs may be variable, ie. site evaluation, these tasks will be conducted on a cost recovery basis.

Site evaluation cost recovery includes the following:

  • Honorariums for academic, practising evaluators and APC staff.
  • Travel, accommodation and meal expenses for all evaluation team members.


Details of accreditation fees are located under the fees and dates section of the website. Information regarding indicative costs for an international site evaluation can be obtained by contacting us directly.

Skills Assessment Exemptions and Registration

Graduates of international programs accredited by us are still required to undertake the APC skills assessment process.

Accreditation outcomes for international programs are not subject to consideration by the Pharmacy Board of Australia or the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand for the purposes of approval for registration within Australia and New Zealand.