Training material

We have developed a set of 4 training modules to support Site Evaluation Team (SET) members to undertake their role in evaluating pharmacy degree programs. 

The modules will provide you with:

  • A plan for your necessary preparation leading up to the visit
  • Accepted methods to conduct an audit against APC standards and guidelines
  • Tools and aids to help you formulate an evidence-based SET assessment report
  • Valuable tips and suggestions from experienced team members 


We provide SET members with a full set of materials including SET manual, templates and application materials to support them through the process of reviewing a university program.  

SET Module One provides you with an overview of the APC accreditation framework which ensures the quality, consistency and rigor of standards and audit processes. You will learn about the role of the SET and its unique value to the process and your roles and responsibilities within the SET. The module provides you with a timeline of the typical process and what to expect at each stage.

SET Module Two focuses on how to prepare for a SET audit and undertake an initial assessment of an application, ready for the site visit. 

SET Module Three outlines methods and tips to conduct an on-site audit which focuses on evidence-gathering against the APC guidelines and standards. 

SET Module Four (optional) provides you with techniques and tools to enable you to contribute to the development of an evidence-based report against the APC guidelines and standards. (SET Chairs may find this module very relevant).