Program evaluators

Program Evaluators

We establish Site Evaluation Teams (SETs) for accreditation site visits of degree programs.  A SET consists of 5 suitably qualified people with experience in the following:

  • Organisation and structure of undergraduate pharmacy courses
  • Current professional requirements for practice
  • Education quality assurance and APC accreditation processes


Members of the SET are selected on the basis of the individual expert contribution they bring to the team. We maintain a pool of suitable SET members including university academics, practitioner pharmacists and community or other health profession members. We take into consideration the overall composition of the team and select individual SET members for a team on the basis of their expertise and lack of material conflict with the program under review.

We require SET members to complete an online training module regarding the SET processes prior to undertaking a visit.

In addition to the SET members, we provide trained quality auditors for each evaluation.  One Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) audit staff member participates as the secretariat for the SET. They provide orientation for the members prior to the site visit, assisting the University in resolving scheduling issues during the visit and by being on-hand to provide assistance to the SET team. The secretariat is responsible for compiling the first draft of the report for circulation to the SET members.