Experience and responsibilities

Experience and Responsibilities

We select all of our evaluators  according to the APC Site Evaluation Team Selection Framework. The Framework outlines the composition of the team and the required experience for each role.

In addition, we select evaluators who are able to demonstrate the following competencies:

1. Communicating in an accreditation context

  • Listens attentively and checks understanding of detailed or complex concepts.
  • Conveys information in a factual and non-emotive way both verbally and in writing.
  • Demonstrates an open, engaged and appropriately sensitive communication style suitable for the role of an evaluator.
  • Elicits information from evaluation participants in a safe and professional manner.


2. Understanding of accreditation and education principles

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the regulatory environment and mechanisms through which accreditation is undertaken.
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of the education processes and structures for pharmacy students and pharmacy interns.
  • Possesses an understanding of the competency standards/requirements for pharmacist to practise.



  • Makes effective use of meeting and discussion time to contribute to the success of the evaluation.
  • Demonstrates the ability to use evidence to support evaluation findings and undertake accreditation decision-making.
  • Provides clear justifications linked to appropriate standards for all decisions made.


4.Working collaboratively

  • Possesses high standards regarding confidentiality, honesty and discretion.
  • Demonstrates a calm, patient, tolerant and non-confrontational manner, even in the face of provocation.
  • Shows a willingness to provide and accept constructive feedback.
  • Establishes rapport with all members of the team and encourages contribution from others.