Exam results

Interns must pass the Australian Intern Written Examination as a part of their Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) mandated intern year.

The Australian Intern Written Examination covers competency domains from 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 from the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia.  

Once you sit the examination, we will mark and verify your examination responses.  Upon completion of this process, you will be notified that results are available for download from the website.  Results are usually posted approximately 2 weeks after the examination date. 

Pass marks

You must achieve both the overall pass mark and the minimum pass mark in each Domain area.

You must achieve the following minimum pass marks to achieve a PASS on the Australian Intern Written Examination:

Overall pass mark required:  minimum pass mark of 65%

Domain 1:  minimum pass mark of 63%

Domain 4:  minimum pass mark of 50%

Domain 5:  minimum pass mark of 63%

Domain 6:  minimum pass mark of 50%

Domain 7:  minimum pass mark of 50%

The overall pass mark is calculated by taking the number of questions answered correctly and dividing by the total number of questions in the examination. 

Different domain areas have different total number of questions so you cannot average your scores in the five domains to reach your overall score.


Examination results process

The examination results process is described in detail below.

Step 1: Notification of results

You will receive an email when your examination result is available to view on the APC website. This email will contain the link to where you can access your results.

The email will also tell you what information you need to login to access your results.

Step 2: Accessing your result

You will need to login to the examination results page using your APC results username and password.  

Step 3: Results

APC releases its examination results as PASS or FAIL only.

If you pass the examination, you will need to print off a hard copy of the Intern Written Examination results certificate.

Results will remain online for 4 weeks from the date of release before they are removed. If you require a result certificate to be issued after this period, you will need to pay an administrative fee of $80. Another certificate will then be issued to you.  

If you fail the examination, you will receive a results breakdown email providing you with further details on your result.   You are strongly advised to discuss your results with your preceptor, Intern Training Provider (ITP) and any other members of your professional network.

Step 4: Next steps

If you pass you will need to provide a hard copy results certificate to AHPRA to include in your application for general registration. If you do not print off a hard copy of your pass certificate, you will be charged an administration fee for a re-issued certificate.

If you fail the examination, you will need to reapply to sit again.   

If you fail, you are strongly advised to consult the reference materials and guides at prepare for an exam, particularly the practice papers and the e-learning Module 4: Unsuccessful? Tips for your next attempt.

Interns who fail the examination more than three times will be offered counselling on the examination.  The details of this counselling will be in the results email sent to interns when results are posted.