Special accomodation

Special accommodation is the arrangement made by us to assist candidates who have physical or personal conditions that require support on the day of the examination. 

For example, a candidate might be pregnant and require a cushion to support her back.  Or a candidate may have dyslexia and require more time to read examination questions.   Or your name on your primary identification documents may not match the name on your secondary identification documents.

You need to apply for special accommodation with us before registering or paying for an examination. 

We will not be able to arrange special accommodations once you are registered for an examination.

How do I know if I am eligible for special accommodation?

If you think you may have a condition that may affect your ability to take the examination, you should contact us before registering for an examination.

How do I apply for special accommodation?

You must arrange for special accommodation with us before completing your APC web portal registration and paying for an examination. We cannot arrange special accommodation for you on the day of the examination.

To apply for special accommodation, you will need to log into the APC web portal and confirm your circumstances during the examination registration process. As a part of this you will need to provide us with supporting documentation. Please note reviewing applications for special accommodation can take time. If you think you require special accommodation, please apply well before the closing date for your examination. 

We will review your application and get in touch with you about your application for special accommodation. 

We can not guarantee that all requests can be accommodation. 

Once your application for special accommodation is approved, you will then be able to complete your examination registration.

Examples of special accommodations that we may be able to arrange for you are:

  • Additional time
  • Permission to leave the examination room for breaks
  • Permission for more leg room due to an injury
  • Acceptance of name variations on identification documents


What to expect on the day of the examination

We will notify the venue coordinator of all the approved requests.  The venue coordinator will guide you further as soon as you have registered at the registration desk.

Illness or significant personal circumstances on or before the examination day

Occasionally, candidates fall ill or may be involved in other circumstances that might influence their ability to perform in an examination.

What to do if you experience illness or personal circumstances on the day

You need to determine if you will be able to sit the examination if you experience illness or significant personal circumstances on or before the day of the examination. Regardless of your circumstances, your examination results will stand if you decide to attempt the examination.

You are required to contact us within 5 days after the examination if you decide not to attempt the examination. We will consider your circumstances and assess any supporting documentation and may issue a partial refund of the examination fee.