Prepare for an exam

All interns in Australia and New Zealand must sit and pass the Intern Written Examination as part of their internship year requirements. This page provides advice and resources to aid Australian interns in their preparation for the examination. 

New Zealand interns will find the following information helpful but should be aware that content will vary within the New Zealand Intern Written Examination.  NZ interns should consult the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (PCNZ) website for full details.

Step 1: Consult APC references

We have provided a range of resources for interns’ preparation for the Intern Written Examination.  These resources include:

a) E-learning Modules 

These e-learning modules cover all aspects of the examination, including preparation, examination strategies, on-the-day issues and results.  You can work through the modules sequentially or individually as suits your needs.

b) Practice papers

We release a complete, 125 multiple choice question (MCQ) Intern Written Examination practice paper once a year.  These practice papers provide you with the opportunity to see the format and content of the examination questions and can be used as timed exercises to work on your time management for the examination.  The practice papers contain archived questions that have been used on past examinations.

2013 Practice Paper and Answers

2014 Practice Paper and Answers

2015 Practice Paper and Answers

Click here for a guide on reference materials and the list of subjects that will be covered in the Intern Written exam.

The Intern Written Examination is an open-book examination so you should spend some time investigating what reference materials will be most useful. 

You can find a list of useful reference materials for preparation for the examination at the link above.  This document will also give you some tips as to what reference materials are most useful for each Domain covered in the examination.

d) Online tutorial

The Intern Written Examination is a computer delivered examination.  You can familiarise yourself with the software used to deliver the examination by visiting this site.

Step 2: Consult your professional networks

We strongly advise you to talk about your preparation for the Intern Written Examination with your professional network including:

a) Your preceptor

b) Your Intern Training Provider

c) Your fellow interns

d) Any mentors or other professional advisers you may have

Using the support and advice from those around you can significantly assist your preparation and performance on the examination.

Step 3: Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements

Go to am I eligible to sit an exam to check the eligibility requirement for your examination.

If you register for the Intern Written Examination but the PBA or PCNZ determines you are ineligible, you may have your registration for the examination cancelled.

Step 4: Decide when will be best to sit

After completing the first 3 steps above, you will need to decide when will be the best time for you to attempt the examination. 

You will need to consider all of your obligations, professional and personal, before deciding on when is best to apply.