Intern Year Blueprint

A project funded by the Pharmacy Board of Australia (the Board) – The Intern Year Blueprint project – and implemented by the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) has now concluded.

The APC and the Board are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Intern Year Blueprint project which commenced in 2016.

The Board-funded project has resulted in a new blueprint which will become the framework to determine future options for assessing pharmacy interns against the newly-introduced competencies for pharmacists.

A collaborative effort by many stakeholders to guide the project consultants enabled the development of a meaningful blueprint for the three organisations involved in intern assessments – the APC, the Board and the Intern Training Program (ITP) providers.

The next steps in its implementation will be to develop a strategy to determine the most appropriate and effective type of assessment for each competency from the range of choices described in the blueprint, and to identify the organisation with the prime responsibility to develop and administer the assessment. This work will be carried out by a joint working party between the APC and the Board with meetings to start mid-year.

The implementation strategy will forecast the time required to complete the work and if changes to intern assessment are proposed, these changes will be announced well in advance of their taking effect. There is no change to the assessment process for current interns.

The APC and the Board would like to acknowledge and thank the significant contribution of the many stakeholders involved, and look forward to ongoing collaboration as the implementation strategy is developed. Please contact Glenys Wilkinson or Joe Brizzi for further information.