Per Program (AUD$)
Degree Programs
Initial Foundation Program accreditation application assessment1$30,900
Foundation Program annual fee$18,540
Initial Extended, Alternative or Additional programs (in addition to the Foundation program) accreditation application assessment 2$13,390
Extended, Alternative or Additional programs (in addition to the Foundation program) annual fee2$13,390
Major change/Extended program proposal (inclusive of APC staff, external evaluator and Committee expenses)3$7,210
Intern Training Programs
Initial accreditation application assessment$15,000
Annual capitation fee4$58.00 per intern
CPD Accrediting Organisations
Initial accreditation application assessment$9,270
Annual accreditation fee$3,090
Reaccreditation fee5$3,605
International Degree Programs
Initial accreditation application assessment$15,450
Site evaluationCost recovery; inclusive of travel, accommodation, sitting fees, APC staff costs, etc
Annual accreditation fee$24,720


1 Fee charged to accredit new program. Once new program receives initial accreditation the annual foundation fee applies.

2 These programs are accredited programs that are delivered by a university in addition to their foundation course.

3 A program change is required to be submitted to APC on a Notification of Change Form for consideration by the Accreditation Committee. If determined to be a ‘major change’, this fee applies.

4 APC will request student numbers from each ITP on 31 March. This data will be used to raise an invoice for each ITP which will be due in April.

5 This fee applies for the submission of a reaccreditation application and the undertaking of a site audit prior for the purposes of reaccreditation prior to the end of the 3 year accreditation period.