The online proctored exam is only available for the Intern Written and CAOP exams.

You can choose to sit either an:

We call these options 'delivery modes'.

You cannot change delivery mode after you've confirmed your appointment. See the table below for a comparison between the delivery modes.

How would you like to sit the exam?

The table below may help you decide whether you'd prefer to sit your exam in a test centre, or as an OnVUE online proctored exam.

Test centre exam

OnVUE online proctored exam


1 session per day

24 hours a day

Registration steps

Select “at a local Test Centre”

Select “at home or office”

Run pre-check to ensure your device meets the system requirements for OnVUE

Changes to booking

Changes to test centre appointments can only be made during the registration period.

Changes are subject to seat availability, and cannot be made after registrations close.

Changes to OnVUE appointments can be made up to 1 hour before your scheduled exam time.

This is subject to the availability of the session.

Identification Documents (ID)

2 IDs required – refer to your confirmation email

1 ID required – refer to your confirmation email

Bathroom breaks


Not permitted
Your exam will be stopped if you leave the room at any stage

Items allowed on your desk


Any item on the Comfort Aid list

You will be provided a whiteboard notebook and pen


Any item on the Comfort Aid list

A glass of water

Your mobile phone (only in case you experience technical issues)

Online tools



Online whiteboard tool

Scratchpad (CAOP only)

Arrival time

45 min prior to the exam

30 min prior to the exam - no later than 15 min prior to the exam


Test Centre invigilators

Artificial intelligence, greeters, and online remote proctors

Support during the exam

Test Centre invigilators

Online chat tool with your online remote proctor

For details on how to register for your exam see either:

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