Appeal a decision

You can lodge an appeal with us in specific circumstances. These are outlined in the Appeals Policy.

As detailed in the Appeals Policy, you can appeal a skills assessment eligibility decision. 

We will only accept appeals from candidates within a specified timeframe.  Please consult the APC Appeals Policy for these time frames.

Appeal Process

We have a 2 stage appeal process. 

The APC Appeals Panel will hear the first appeal.  If a further appeal is pursued, the Independent Appeals Committee (IAC) hears the second appeal.

The APC appeals process is detailed in the APC Appeals Policy and summarised below:

  • Lodge the written appeal, appeal fee and supporting documentation within the required time frame
  • We will convene an APC Appeals Panel or Independent Appeals Committee
  • We will notify you of the outcome


Appeal outcomes vary on the individual circumstances. 

Skills assessment eligibility decision appeals

If you are found ineligible for an APC skills assessment process you can lodge an appeal with the APC Appeals Panel.

Initially, you can appeal both the decision and/or the administrative process followed to reach the decision.

If you wish to pursue an appeal to the Independent Appeals Committee for a skills assessment issue, you can only do so only on the grounds of administrative process.  An appeal to the IAC will not change the skills assessment decision.

At a minimum, if an appeal is upheld, the appeal fee will be refunded to you.