The table below sets out the current fees as of 14 December 2016. All amounts are in Australian dollars and must be paid in Australian dollars. Please note as of 21 June 2016, we will only be accepting payment by credit card.


Current Fee (AUD$)

Eligibility Assessments

Skills assessment - online application^


Updated skills assessment^





Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) Examination

$1,950 per attempt

Competency Assessment of Overseas Pharmacists (CAOP) Examination

$1,750 per attempt

Intern Written Examination

$613 per attempt


Appeal to APC Appeals Panel


Appeal to Independent Appeals Committee


Other Fees and Charges

Re-mark fee (per paper)


Administrative fee




Payment options are:

  • Credit Card


Additional Fee Information

^ fee is non-refundable

* cost per attempt

Additional costs are incurred for completion of the intern year, including the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s (PBA) oral examination and intern training programs. You should contact the PBA or the intern training program providers for further information on these costs.

Examination Cancellation

Please click here - Refund of fees for examination cancellation.