Overseas trained pharmacists

This section of the website provides an overview of the skills assessment process for overseas trained pharmacists seeking registration in Australia.

Due to a substantial increase in applications there may be a delay in assessing your application. While we will endeavour to meet our 8 week deadline, in some cases, assessments may take longer to complete.


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The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) manages the skills assessment process for overseas trained retail and hospital pharmacists only. 

VETASSESS assesses overseas trained industrial pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) manages the registration process for retail and hospital pharmacists. 

If you are an overseas trained pharmacist who wants to register and work as a pharmacist in Australia, you must complete:

  • a skills assessment process, and
  • registration process


Any enquiries you have regarding registration as a pharmacist should be directed to the PBA.

Upon successful completion of the skills assessment process you will be issued with a skills assessment letter.

Skills assessment for visa or migration purposes

You can use a skills assessment letter as part of a registration application to the PBA or in a visa or migration application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Please direct any visa or migration enquiries you may have to the DIBP.

Updated skills assessment

Once you have been given a skills assessment letter you can apply to the APC for an updated skills assessment.

You can ask for an updated skills assessment if:

  • your registration status in Australia has changed (eg. from provisionally registered to generally registered), or
  • if you have gained further work experience as a generally registered pharmacist overseas or here in Australia.


If you are unsure as to whether you can apply for an updated skills assessment please contact the APC.