Our organisation has a number of policies that govern the way we work.

Appeals Policy
Our Appeals Policy indicates the processes and procedures available to APC stakeholders wishing to appeal an APC decision.

Conflict of Interest Policy
We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards, honesty and transparency in everything we do. Our Conflict of Interest Policy applies to our Council, Committees and Evaluator panels.

Refund of Fees for Exam Cancellation
These guidelines set out the processes and refund amounts for candidates wishing to withdraw from an exam session before or after the registration closure date as well as guidance for candidates who were unable to sit an exam due to illness or personal circumstances.

General Complaints Policy
The purpose of this policy is to describe our procedure for complaints made to the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC). This policy applies to general complaints against us under the following categories:
- Decisions made by the APC, Council or a Committee; and
- The conduct of an APC staff member, Board Director, Committee member, an APC representative or a contractor engaged by the APC.
General complaints can be lodged via our contact us page.

Complaints Policy for Accredited Providers or Programs
The purpose of our Complaints Policy is to ensure we handle complaints related to APC accredited providers in a transparent and equitable way that is consistent with the requirements of the National Law and the Quality Framework.

Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy sets out how we comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). We are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act which regulate how we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information, and how individuals may access and correct personal information we hold about them.

Further questions about our Privacy Policy may be directed to our Privacy Officer via our contact page.

Accreditation Marketing Policy
Provides clear guidance on how we would like you to market accredited pharmacy education programs and CPD activities.

Accreditation Quality Assurance and Monitoring Policy
Outlines the quality assurance and monitoring activities that we undertake, to ensure your ongoing compliance with our standards, guidelines and policies.

APC Accreditation Committtee Decision Making Framework
The Accreditation Committee uses a risk-based decision making framework for all its decision-making on pharmacy degree programs, Intern Training Programs and CPD accrediting organisations.

Accredited Program Teach-out Policy
The Teach-out Policy sets out our requirements for the teach-out/transition planning of an accredited degree program.

Site Visit Observer Policy
This policy sets out our requirements regarding observers in the instance APC invites an observer to attend a Site Evaluation Team (SET) visit to observe the work of the SET.

Site Evaluation Team Selection Criteria
These guidelines provide clear guidance regarding qualifications, skills and competency requirements as the selection criteria to determine the inclusion of an individual on the APC Site Evaluation Team (SET) Member register and subsequent appointment to a SET.

Committee By-Laws
FARM Committee By-Law
Accreditation Committee By-Law
Examination Committee By-Law