The Pharmacy Board of Australia has asked us to develop accreditation standards for pharmacist prescriber training programs.

We will hold public consultations and workshops with a wide range of stakeholders to inform the development of new standards. The feedback we receive influences the decisions we make.


The Pharmacy Board of Australia has undertaken extensive work to investigate the capacity for competent and safe prescribing by pharmacists. They issued a statement on this work in 2019.

Development of accreditation standards will be informed by the NPS Prescribing Competencies Framework (2021) which describes the expectations for all health professional prescribers.

The standards for training programs for pharmacist prescribers will ensure that pharmacists complete an accredited and approved education program and are competent to prescribe.

This project will support future development of pharmacist prescribing models and education programs.

The development process


A governance group, chaired by Associate Professor Sue Kirsa will oversee the work. A stakeholder reference group, chaired by Professor Lisa Nissen, will inform and advise on development of the standards.


We have engaged a subject matter expert pharmacist. They will undertake a literature review, environmental scan and competency mapping of pharmacist prescribing internationally and in Australia.


We will consult with key stakeholders to help us develop:

  • the new standards
  • a performance outcomes framework
  • an evidence guide.

Our stakeholders include:

  • education providers
  • pharmacy professional organisations
  • consumers and patients
  • First Nations people and organisations
  • other accreditation councils
  • other prescribing professions
  • pharmacy students.

Feedback and consultations

We will gather feedback from our stakeholders through methods including:

  • in writing
  • in person at group meetings
  • during one-on-one interviews
  • through an online survey.

Join our stakeholder reference group

We invite practising pharmacists to express interest in being included on our stakeholder reference group. We have 3 positions available for pharmacists representing a range of practice settings, professional experience and geographical locations.

The Stakeholder Reference Group will provide expert advice and commentary to inform development of the standards. The group will meet 3 times throughout the project, one of which will be face-to-face.

Download the Stakeholder Reference Group Expression of Interest Form (PDF 4 pages)

Please complete the application form by COB 13 January 2023.

Project governance

Governance Group members

A/Prof Sue Kirsa, APC Chair

Prof Lisa Nissen, Stakeholder Reference Group Chair

Emeritus Prof Nicholas Glasgow, APC Board Member (Medical practitioner)

Prof Rhonda Clifford, APC Board Member

A/Prof Kirstie Galbraith, APC Board Member

Prof Nick Shaw, APC Accreditation Commitee Chair

Mr Brett Simmonds, Pharmacy Board of Australia Chair

Ms Bronwyn Clark, APC Chief Executive Officer

Stakeholder Reference Group members

Confirmed positions:

  • Prof Lisa Nissen, Stakeholder Reference Group Chair
  • Dr Amy Page, Pharmacy Board of Australia practitioner member
  • Dr Sue Martin, Pharmacy Board of Australia community member

Invitation positions:

  • TBA, NZ pharmacist prescriber
  • TBA, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA) representative
  • TBA, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) representative
  • TBA, Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) representative
  • TBA, National Association of Pharmacy Students Australia (NAPSA) representative
  • TBA, Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL) representative
  • TBA, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (NACCHO) representative
  • TBA, Council of Pharmacy Schools (CPS) representative - rural program
  • TBA, Council of Pharmacy Schools (CPS) representative - urban program
  • TBA, Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP) representative
  • TBA, representative of a current prescribing profession
  • TBA, representative of an accreditation authority of a current prescribing profession
  • TBA, patient representative/First Nations patient representative
  • TBA, consumer representative/First Nations consumer representative
  • TBA, state or territory Chief Pharmacist

Expression of interest positions:

  • TBA, Practising pharmacist
  • TBA, Practising pharmacist
  • TBA, Practising pharmacist

If you'd like to apply, please complete the application form by COB 13 January 2023.

Project team:

  • Ms Bronwyn Clark, APC CEO
  • Ms Glenys Wilkinson, APC DCEO
  • Ms Claire Bekema, APC Director Standards Development
  • Ms Kate Spencer, APC Director Accreditation and Assessments
  • Ms Tiara Miller, APC Administrative Support Officer
  • Dr Lynda Cardiff, SME consultant
  • Dr Karen Bettenay, SME consultant

Contact information

For any enquiries about the development of the accreditation standards, please contact us at

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