We've set out the fees that might apply if you're:

  • an Australian Pharmacy graduate or intern, OR
  • a pharmacist who qualified outside Australia

(If you're an education provider or accrediting organisation, see Accreditation fees and charges.)

On this page:

Eligibility checks

The online eligibility check is an essential first step to getting your skills recognised in Australia.

We have separated our fees to lower up-front costs and provide candidates more control over when they pay for the services they require from us. For more details see Fee changes for Eligibility Checks.

Ask for this if…

Cost (AU$)

Fees are non-refundable

Eligibility Check

You want to work as a pharmacist in Australia or migrate here, AND you're:

  • a qualified pharmacist, trained outside Australia, OR
  • an international student from an accredited Australian or New Zealand pharmacy degree program* OR
  • a pharmacist currently registered in New Zealand.*

$810 per request

Skills Assessment Outcome

You have passed your exam and want:

  • to apply to the Department of Home Affairs to support a visa application
  • to apply to the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PharmBA) for provisional registration and approval of supervised practice.

$300 per request

Updated skills assessment request

You've updated your skills since your last assessment

$610 per request

Work Experience Reference - Optional

You want us to comment on your work history to support your visa/migration application.

is only available for:

  • International Student Stream candidates, OR
  • New Zealand Registered Pharmacist Stream candidates

Currently NOT available for Knowledge Stream and Competency Stream.

$200 per request

*If you are an International student from an accredited Australian or New Zealand pharmacy degree program, or a pharmacist currently registered in New Zealand, you will pay for your Eligibility Check and Skills Assessment Outcome together.

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You may need to pass an exam if you were trained outside Australia or New Zealand, or if you hold provisional registration as a pharmacy intern in Australia.

Type of exam

Book into this exam if…

Cost (AU$)

Australian Intern Written exam

  • You hold provisional registration from the Pharmacy Board of Australia

$750 per attempt

Competency Assessment of Overseas Pharmacists (CAOP) exam

  • You're a pharmacist who qualified outside Australia and you meet Competency Stream criteria
  • You've received your skills assessment notice of eligibility from us

$2000 per attempt

Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) exam

  • You're a pharmacist who qualified outside Australia and you meet Knowledge Stream criteria
  • You've received your skills assessment notice of eligibility from us

$2290 per attempt

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Appeals and other fees

Type of fee

This fee applies if…

Cost (AU$)

Appeal to APC Appeals Panel

You want to appeal a decision made about or circumstances relating to your examination or eligibility check. See:

$450 per appeal

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How to pay

  • All prices are in Australian dollars.
  • We can accept payment by either credit or debit card.
  • We can only accept a credit card issued by a bank in your country of residence.
  • Pay securely online for an initial skills assessment via our candidate portal.
  • We will ask you to pay for an examination during the registration process in the candidate portal.


You cancel your exam and get a refund for examination fees.

We cannot give refunds for any other fees.

Refund amounts

You can request a refund for any reason, however it is subject to our approval and will incur a cancellation fee.

You will receive a partial refund. The amount that you will receive depends on when you cancel your exam:

  • If you cancel 5 days prior to the exam date, there is a $100 cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel from 5 days up until 4 weeks after the exam date, you will receive a partial refund as per the table below.

Partial refund amounts are:


Refund amount

Intern Written Exam






Refund process

To raise a refund request, you will need to cancel your exam appointment in your Candidate Portal. We will not accept phone requests.

You will need to provide a reason for the cancellation. Supporting documents may be required.

If we approve your request, you will receive either a full refund or a partial refund.

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