The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) is the trusted, independent authority that accredits pharmacy education programs and training in Australia. We do this to ensure that pharmacists have the skills and knowledge they need for safe, effective practice.

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Why we accredit programs

All Australian states and territories have laws to establish the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS). It ensures all health practitioners meet the requirements to practise.

Accrediting a program ensures that upon completion, graduates and registered pharmacists are 'suitably trained and qualified'.

We accredit a range of programs by reviewing them to confirm that they meet clear, evidence-based standards. This ensures that upon graduation or completion of a program, pharmacists can practise pharmacy safely and effectively.

It's important that we equip pharmacists to address individual needs in an ever-changing environment. This includes:

  • ensuring cultural safety (spiritual, social, emotional and physical)
  • improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes
  • helping people with a disability
  • working with other health professions
  • developing a sustainable practice
  • expanding scope of practice.

These areas of practice are supported by our accreditation standards to produce socially accountable pharmacists.

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Types of programs we accredit

The process to become - and remain - accredited varies depending on the program.

We accredit:

  • pharmacy degree and intern training programs that lead to registration
  • pharmacist education programs for registered pharmacists looking to complete additional, specialised training
  • organisations that accredit continuing professional development (CPD) activities for pharmacists

We also permit education providers delivering an accredited pharmacy program to self-accredit their vaccination training against our standards.

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Pharmacy degree and intern training programs

Find out about:

  • Degree programs - universities teach these programs to prepare graduates for supervised practice as intern pharmacists.
  • Intern training programs (ITPs) - ITP providers deliver these programs to prepare degree program graduates to practise as registered pharmacists.
  • International degree programs - universities outside of Australia teach these programs to prepare graduates for pharmacy practice in their country.

Pharmacist education programs

Find out about:

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Accredited programs and organisations

We publish lists of currently accredited programs and organisations:

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Contact the Accreditation team

Email us on with:

  • questions about becoming or remaining accredited
  • complaints about an accredited program

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