We do not offer refunds for skills assessment services if you change your mind about having a skills assessment.

If you want us to refund an examination fee, please read this policy before you contact us.

Examination fee refund policy

Version 1.0

1. Purpose

The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) delivers high-stakes examinations to candidates in both Australia and overseas. Our policy is to treat all examination candidates in an impartial, equitable, ethical and sensitive manner.

This policy has been designed to describe the eligibility and process for APC examination fee refunds.

2. Scope

The registration period for all APC examinations occurs up to three weeks prior to the examination and we recognise that some candidates who have completed registration for APC examinations may be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

This policy applies to candidates who apply to cancel their examination registration and request a refund.

Candidates who do not fit the eligibility criteria outlined in the policy statement will not be granted a refund.

3. Policy statement

APC examination fee refund amounts are fixed. The refund amount is dependent on the timing of the cancellation request and subject to approval by the Executive Director Professional Services.

All examination fee refund requests and supporting documentation should be provided to the APC Examinations Team via email.

3.1 Refund amounts

Examination fee refunds are fixed amounts and are dependent on when the refund request is submitted.

Refer to the Fees and Payment section of the APC website for up-to-date information on refund amounts.

3.2 Supporting documentation

Examination fee refunds must be accompanied by supporting documentation in order to be considered by the APC examination team as described below:

3.2.1 Supporting documentation required if the cancellation occurs during the examination registration period:

(1) Receipt of payment for the relevant examination fee from APC

3.2.2 Supporting documentation required if the cancellation occurs up to 4 weeks after the examination date

(2) Supporting documentation explaining the reason for your cancellation. Examples of supporting documentation include:

(1) Medical certificate from a recognised healthcare worker

(2) Death certificate from an appropriate authority. Documentation issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation copy certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Candidates are to bear all costs associated with obtaining the required documentation.

3.3 Approval of fund requests

Candidates will be notified of the approval or non-approval of their requests via email within two business days of receipt.

3.4 Further information

Exam registrations and fees are not transferrable between sessions. If a candidate wishes to sit their exam at a later date, they must cancel their current registration, re-register for another session and pay the examination fee again.

Candidates that did not attempt their examination will not be automatically eligible for a refund unless they raise a refund request to the APC within 4 weeks after the examination date.

Candidates will not be eligible for a refund if they are not permitted to sit the relevant exam due to noncompliance of APC examination rules as found on the APC website, such as failing to arrive at the examination centre on time.

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