We accredit international programs against the Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Programs.

See how international universities can seek accreditation of pharmacy programs.

Accredited international degree programs

as at 14 May 2024





Monash University, Malaysia

Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours

Accredited with conditions

The Pharmacy Board of Australia (PharmBA) cannot approve APC-accredited international pharmacy programs. This means that graduates cannot directly register with PharmBA.

Accreditation definitions

Accredited with conditions

An international pharmacy degree program that is 'accredited with conditions' either:

When 'accredited with conditions', the program must report to us as required. Education providers can still deliver these programs, and students can graduate from them with the listed qualification.

We can only ever accredit international programs with conditions. This is because they cannot meet 2 of the criteria from the pharmacy program accreditation standards.

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