We accredit pharmacist education programs in Australia. This applies to programs for registered pharmacists. They are not programs that lead to registration as a pharmacist.

See below for our list of accredited pharmacist education programs. This means these programs meet our standards and have successfully received accreditation.

Find out how an organisation can seek accreditation of a pharmacist education program.

Accredited programs as at 1 September 2023

There are currently no accredited programs. Applications first opened 1 September 2023, once there are programs accredited, we will add them here.

Accreditation definitions


An 'accredited pharmacist education program' meets all 38 criteria in the pharmacist education program accreditation standards.

Accredited with conditions

A pharmacist education program that is 'accredited with conditions' either:

To be 'accredited with conditions', the program must report to us as required. Education providers can still deliver these programs, and learners can still complete these programs.

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