Whilst the Assessment Team assess your applications, and the Exams Team process your exam registrations, the Candidate Relationship Team is here to ensure any issues you have are being heard and prioritised. We also ensure you're receiving the information you need when you need it along each step of your journey with us.

We can help you with anything related to your eligibility check or exam process including:

  • account and payment issues
  • guidance on the process
  • candidate portal issues
  • understanding your documents
  • appealing a process.

The team

When you contact the APC, you'll likely be speaking with a member of the Candidate Relationship Team, many of whom have been with APC for many years. They know everything you need to know about the requirements of your journey with us.

Our promise to you

We've seen an increase in overseas-trained pharmacists wanting to migrate to Australia, which means increased pressure on our Assessment and Exams teams to process applications and manage exam candidates. So, to ensure you receive the support you need throughout your journey, we implemented a team dedicated to just that - support.

To receive a Skills Assessment Outcome, candidates need to go through a series of steps that at times can be challenging. Each candidate journey is unique depending on your circumstances, your qualifications, or where you've been registered. We understand that sitting our exams is stressful and occasionally things don't go the way you had planned.

We'll do what we can to get you through with the assistance you need.

More candidates than ever before

We're receiving record numbers of applications. We work hard to respond to candidates as quickly as we can. Please be patient with us in our busy period as we’re receiving high numbers of applications and exam registrations.

Email us at info@pharmacycouncil.org.au

Call us on +61 2 6188 4288

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