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The Accreditation Standards for pharmacist prescriber training programs are now underway, with the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) seeking interest from practising pharmacists to inform the development of the standards.

The Pharmacy Board of Australia has requested APC to undertake a project to develop accreditation standards for pharmacist prescribing as part of their role and purpose as the independent accreditation body for pharmacy education.

"Accreditation standards for pharmacist prescriber training programs will ensure that pharmacists who complete an accredited and approved education program are competent to prescribe," said APC CEO, Bronwyn Clark.

The APC's Stakeholder Reference Group will provide expert advice and commentary to inform the development of the standards.

"Our consultation processes are thorough and will provide multiple opportunities for people to contribute.

"To ensure a wide breadth of knowledge and advice, we've invited key stakeholders across the pharmacy profession, other prescribing professions, education providers, accreditation councils and consumer groups to nominate representatives," Ms Clark said.

Interested in being involved?

The APC is calling for Expressions of Interest from practising pharmacists to be involved in this pivotal project and join the Group.

They have 3 positions on the Stakeholder Reference Group for pharmacists practising across a variety of practice settings, geographical locations and representing a range of professional experience.

If you would like to be part of this important project, please complete the application form available on the APC website by COB 13 January 2023.

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