Under the leadership of Indigenous peoples across Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) and the Council of Pharmacy Schools Australia and New Zealand (CPS) have launched the Leaders in Indigenous Pharmacy Profession Education (LIPPE) Network today.

They will be hosting webinars over the coming months. They encourage people to register for the webinars and join the mailing list to learn more about the network.

This network is a commitment from Australian pharmacy educators to ensure that future pharmacists have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide culturally safe care for First Nations Peoples.

LIPPE is dedicated to transforming the pharmacist workforce by enabling Indigenous leadership in the delivery of pharmacist education. Culturally safe pharmacy practice can only be achieved when Indigenous leadership is empowered so that Indigenous values can shape the context of service delivery.

"Twenty one years since I graduated as the first Aboriginal person to graduate as a pharmacist in this country, I am proud to see the work that is taking place with LIPPE and the impact that this will have on the future pharmacy workforce,” said Associate Professor and pharmacist Faye McMillan AM.

“I want to acknowledge the passion, commitment and staunchness of so many people and organisations that have contributed to LIPPE, and I am so excited for the future,” she said.

The LIPPE network is a partnership of the Australian Pharmacy Council, and the Council of Pharmacy Schools Australia and New Zealand.

Debra Rowett PSM, President of the Council of Pharmacy Schools says this work builds on a long history of other work that's been undertaken by the APC and other networks such as the LIME network.

"The Council of Pharmacy Schools is really committed to this, and there's a strong sense of excitement that we can make some advances through this network," Professor Rowett said.

Bronwyn Clark, APC CEO says she is excited and eager to see what can be achieved with this new network.

"I am humbled and proud that we have taken this step to support our profession to provide culturally safe care for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. They are this country's first pharmacists and we have so much to learn," she said.

The APC and CPS invite everyone involved in health education to join the LIPPE family so as to help transform the future of the pharmacy profession. Interactive webinars will be held in the coming months to take their intention forward.

Bronwyn Clark 
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Pharmacy Council

Professor Debra Rowett PSM
President, Council of Pharmacy Schools Australia and New Zealand


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