Our vision is to see a health system that is free from racism and discrimination. We want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to enjoy the same level of health and wellbeing as other Australians. We want to see improved health outcomes, equal opportunity, and self-determination.

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Aleena Williams, a Yugambeh woman, and Director of Immunisations and Notifiable Diseases, NT Health, sat on our RAP Working Group as an advisor.

"One point I'd really like to stress is I was included to the point where I wanted to be included. I never felt like I had to do anything, or that it was my responsibility to do anything. And that was really important. It’s always good to have things that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you to help you to keep going, and that’s really where I would put this experience. " - Aleena Williams

Reflections from the RAP Working Group

The RAP Working Group provide their thoughts about the development of the RAP and the importance of this commitment.

Always Learning

Artwork by Leah Brideson

Art is an integral part of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. This presentation describes the meaning behind our RAP artwork and explores the relationships between each part.

"Always Learning" by Kamilaroi woman, Leah Brideson, depicts our ongoing journey to build relationships, learn from others and pass on our newfound knowledge.

Leah is an Aboriginal woman born in Canberra, ACT. Leah’s mob are Kamilaroi from her Grandmothers country in the Gunnedah region. Leah is a self-taught Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and began painting at a very young age. She has been painting in a professional capacity since 2013. Leah is a mother to two young children and also works as a Cultural Integrity Coordinator and Indigenous Education Officer with the ACT Education Directorate.

A great deal of Leah’s artistic vision and inspiration comes from the changing landscapes in her home town, on country and from her journeys to ocean, country and beyond.

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