Intern Year Assessment Blueprint

Current version

Version 2.0, released December 2020

Download the Intern Year Assessment Blueprint (26 pages PDF)

The Intern Year Blueprint (IYB) describes methods that may be used for assessing interns. It provides clarity around how and who measures intern competence.

Changes in this version

The previous IYB (2018) was mapped to the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia (2016). The updated IYB (2020) reflects the Performance Outcomes Framework (2020). This framework is the new basis of student and intern assessment.

More detail on the role of various stakeholders in the assessment of interns is also provided.

Previous version

Version 1.0, released May 2018

Download the Intern Year Assessment Blueprint (18 pages PDF)

This version is no longer in use, but some people may need to refer to it.

Intern Year Blueprint Literature Review

Released September 2017

Download the Literature Review (117 pages PDF)

The Literature Review is an evaluation of published literature on intern competency assessment.

We evaluated:

  • competency standards/frameworks
  • competency assessments
  • blueprinting

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