The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) has published a list of accredited pharmacy degree and intern training programs that currently deliver vaccination training. During this critical period, we want to assure the pharmacy profession, future pharmacists and the public that we are preparing students and interns for effective delivery of vaccinations.

As the Australian Government plans the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations, the pharmacy profession is preparing to be involved in this major public health initiative. Education Providers are undertaking steps to ensure that future pharmacists are able to participate in the ongoing delivery of vaccinations.

"Pharmacists already have a well established role in the delivery of influenza vaccines across all states and territories. We're pleased that they are being recognised for their valuable contribution during the COVID-19 roll-out," said APC CEO Bronwyn Clark.

"Our future pharmacy workforce can be assured that we are preparing them appropriately," said Ms Clark.

However, state and territory legislation in some jurisdictions may restrict vaccination training to registered pharmacists only. Meaning students and interns cannot undergo the training until they are registered as pharmacists.

See the list of available vaccination training provided within Australian pharmacy programs. The list is current as at January 2021, and will be updated as required.

Vaccination training is delivered to pharmacy students, interns and registered pharmacists by accredited training providers across Australia. It's delivered in accordance with our Standards for the Accreditation of Programs to support Pharmacist Administration of Vaccines.

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