Notification of Change (NoC) to a Pharmacy Program

Notification of Change to an accredited program in Australia or New Zealand (PDF, 24 pages)

Version 3.1

Notification of Change to an accredited program in another country (PDF, 24 pages)

Version 2.1

Notification of Change - designated leader change only (7 pages PDF)

Version 1.0

Please contact us for the Word version.

Education providers may wish to make a change to an accredited pharmacy program. 

However, they must notify us before making a change. Providers cannot implement a change until our Accreditation Committee approves it.

Changes to a program can include changes to:

  • award title
  • curriculum
  • program length
  • staff profile
  • teaching and assessment methods
  • human and financial resources

We will decide if the change is 'minor' or 'material'. A 'material' change will incur a fee.

Process for telling us about a change


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