Effective from 1 September 2023

Download the Accreditation Standards (34 pages PDF)

This document describes the accreditation standards that Medication Management Review (MMR) Pharmacist and Aged Care On-site Pharmacist (ACOP) education programs must meet to receive and maintain accreditation. We assess pharmacist education programs against these standards.

The 2023 accreditation standards have been structured into 5 domains:

  • safe and socially accountable practice
  • governance and quality
  • program
  • learner experience
  • outcomes and assessment

Each domain includes:

  • a standard (statement) outlining the scope of the domain
  • criteria against which education providers will provide evidence of compliance

Performance Outcomes Framework

Effective from 1 September 2023

Download the Performance Outcomes Framework (26 pages PDF)

This document sets out the performance outcomes to be achieved and demonstrated by pharmacists upon completion of an accredited MMR Pharmacist/ACOP education program. It forms a companion to the accreditation standards.

Indicative Role Description - Aged Care On-site Pharmacist

Download the Indicative Role Description (4 pages PDF)

The indicative role description was developed to inform the Performance Outcomes Framework. It describes the role and activities that an aged care on-site pharmacist may undertake, depending on the needs of residents and aged care facilities.

Accreditation Standards: Evidence Guide

Effective from 1 September 2023

Download the Evidence Guide (34 pages PDF)

This document is for use with the accreditation standards and describes how to demonstrate compliance with each criterion.

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