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Download Dispensing - Assessment of EPA 1 Form (2 pages DOCX)

This form is to be used for assessment of EPA 1 - Dispensing medicines via an entrustment discussion.

The entrustment discussion is intended to provide additional evidence to support (or not) a decision that an intern can be trusted to perform the EPA with a lower level of supervision (i.e., to progress from one level of supervision to the next). Using the four-step framework, the preceptor should require the intern to:

  1. explain the activity
  2. demonstrate depth of knowledge
  3. demonstrate awareness of risks
  4. demonstrate adaptive capacity and expertise (by answering “what-if” questions).

Ad hoc entrustment discussions can be held at any stage of the intern year and should form part of the overall evidence on which a summative entrustment decision is based. An ad hoc entrustment decision should form part of specific SPOs, and the outcomes recorded on the relevant form.

The aim should be to give the intern a clear idea of where performance has been strong and where further improvement is necessary. When either the intern or preceptor considers that the intern may be ready for the next level of supervision, a summative entrustment discussion may be held. At this discussion, evidence from previous activities, feedback and discussions should be reviewed, and the supervisor should ask additional questions until such time as a decision in favour of entrustment to act with a lower level of supervision can be justified.

Refer to the Dispensing - Preceptor and intern user guide for further information on how to use this tool.

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