The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) is saddened by the passing of Emeritus Professor Andrew Gilbert AM and recognises his far-reaching contribution to the pharmacy profession.

Professor Gilbert sat on APC's Board as a Director from February 2008 until July 2010. He's left an undoubted legacy for many in pharmacy education in Australia.

Professor Gilbert was influential across many pharmacy initiatives and research. He was renowned for his research and consultancy work in areas of medicines policy and health practice change, with particular interest in enhancing health outcomes for aged-care residents and veterans.

APC Senior Pharmacist, Peter Halstead, who worked for and alongside Professor Gilbert for a number of years, reflected on his admirable traits.

"Andy always, always was positive in mind and outlook. There were no issues that could not be resolved with some intelligent thought and discussion, and if needed some hard work.

"Working and sharing time with Andy made you strive to be a better pharmacist and more importantly a better person. One found oneself thinking about what might be possible and how to make improvements. He inspired you.

"All of us want to make some sort of difference, some of us through luck do make a difference but Andy Gilbert needed no luck, his influence rested in empowering those around him to be as good as they could be and thus making society better than it was. The world needs more Andrew Gilberts," said Mr Halstead.

Emeritus Professor Andrew Gilbert at APC's Colloquium in 2014 as a speaker.

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