Today, we recognise a group of professionals who often work behind the scenes, yet play an indispensable role in ensuring our well-being. Today, we celebrate the dedication, expertise, and invaluable contributions of pharmacists and pharmacy educators to healthcare.

The 2023 theme, "Pharmacy Strengthening Health Systems," underscores the integral role pharmacists and pharmacy educators play in enhancing and fortifying healthcare systems worldwide. This theme emphasises the multifaceted contributions of both groups in supporting the overall health infrastructure and ensuring that healthcare delivery is efficient, safe, and consumer-centered.

Our CEO Bronwyn Clark's sentiment encapsulates the significance of pharmacists and pharmacy educators in our health care system.

"Everywhere there's a medicine, there should be a pharmacist, and medicines are the most commonly used invention in healthcare."

This perspective highlights the important part we play in shaping the future of healthcare and pharmacy.

When asked about the future of pharmacy, Kate Spencer, APC's Executive Director of Professional Services, shares her excitement about APC's work to develop accreditation standards.

"I'm excited about APC's work to develop accreditation standards for Medicine management review Pharmacists and Aged care On-site pharmacist, accreditation against these standards will ensure the quality of training and meeting the needs of the community. Happy world pharmacist day."

Pharmacy educators are instrumental in ensuring that our future pharmacists are well-prepared to meet the evolving needs of healthcare. They are the architects of the pharmacists of tomorrow, imparting knowledge, instilling values, and nurturing the passion that will shape the next generation of healthcare professionals.

On this World Pharmacist Day, we express our gratitude to pharmacists and pharmacy educators worldwide for their unwavering dedication to our health and well-being. Their role in strengthening healthcare systems and shaping the future of pharmacy is not just a profession; it is a profound commitment to nurturing health and well-being. Happy World Pharmacist Day!

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