We're seeking pharmacy academics and practising pharmacists to join our committees and working groups. By drawing upon the expertise of the pharmacy profession, academia and community, we ensure that the diverse nature of the pharmacy workforce is reflected in our accreditation and exam processes.

Opportunities include roles within our:

  • Accreditation Committee
  • Assessor register
  • Exams Subject Matter Experts pool

Joining our working groups means you'll contribute your expertise and opinions to the success of pharmacy education through quality assurance. You'll be a part of ensuring future pharmacists in Australia can meet the evolving needs of our communities.

All roles are remunerated.

All interested and qualified individuals are invited to apply. Each role varies in time commitments and areas of expertise available. You can apply for more than one role.

If you are already a part of these groups, you do not need to re-apply.

Applications close: Monday 6 June 2022.

How to apply

You must live in Australia to be eligible for the following roles.

Accreditation Committee Member

Decide and monitor the accreditation of pharmacy programs and CPD accrediting organisations. You’ll review pharmacy degree programs, intern training programs, and CPD accrediting organisations that have been assessed against our accreditation standards.

We have 3 remunerated positions available within our Committee.

To apply, download the Accreditation Committee Member application form (PDF 5 pages). Email your form to accreditation@pharmacycouncil.org.au.

Learn more about our Accreditation Committee.

Accreditation Assessor

Help our accreditation team assess pharmacy degree programs and intern training programs against our accreditation standards. We select people from our Assessor Register to join an Accreditation Assessment Team and undertake accreditation site visits of pharmacy programs.

To apply to be on our Assessor Register, download the Assessor Register Expression of Interest form (PDF 3 pages). Email your form to accreditation@pharmacycouncil.org.au.

If successful, we'll add your details to our register. You will not automatically join an Assessment Team. The number of program assessments we conduct each year varies depending on the number of programs seeking accreditation. Therefore, not all individuals on the Assessor Register will be invited to join a team each year.

You will be remunerated once you are invited to join an Accreditation Assessment Team.

Learn more about our Accreditation Assessment Teams.

Exams Subject Matter Expert

Contribute to our exam content development activities for our 3 exams. Content development activities include question writing, reviewing and validation, defining the pass standards for our exams and testing of new exam development activities in workshops or take home assignments. You will be remunerated for this work.

To apply, download the Exams Subject Matter Expert Expression of Interest form (PDF 3 pages). Email your form to exams@pharmacycouncil.org.au.

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