Embedding cultural safety in education and assessments

We are delighted to launch APC's latest literature review Approaches to implementation of cultural safety in the training and education of health professionals in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

To open up this conversation, we're launching a series of podcasts, webinars and events. We'll be talking to First Nations peoples, pharmacists and educators to discuss our findings and next steps.

Literature Review

Australian pharmacy students must demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and promote and advocate for cultural safety, respect and responsiveness.

In this review, we examined health professional education programs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, with the objective of enhancing cultural safety education of Australian pharmacy students.

This is so that upon graduation they are both committed to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of First Nations peoples, and capable of practising in ways that are culturally safe, sensitive and responsive.

Read the literature review.

The artwork

Step in the Right Direction was created to represent the journey we are on to embed cultural safety into pharmacy education programs in Australia. Starting at the bottom of the piece, the footprints symbolise APC through the literature review, getting the current lay of the land. The footprints at the top part of the painting reflect APC but post the literature review. They’re moving forward, applying the findings to ensure that pharmacy graduates are able to practise in a culturally safe way. The positive impact on health outcomes for First Nations peoples is represented by the ripples (white dots).

Read more about the artist, Sarah Richards, in our literature review or on her website, Marrawuy Journeys.


Opening up the conversation

A series of podcasts, webinars and events

We've reviewed the literature. Now, guided by our Indigenous Health Strategy Group, we're discussing a vision of transformational change.

We invite you on our journey of learning through a series of podcasts, webinars and events.

Through storytelling, interviews, presentations and panel discussions, we'll delve into how and why we need to embed cultural safety in pharmacist education and assessments.

We will update this page when new information is available.

Conversation 1: Who are we here for?

September 2021 | Podcast

Hear from pharmacists, Chastina Heck, a Nywaigi, Mamu, Bidjara woman, in conversation with Associate Professor Faye McMillan AM, a Wiradjuri woman, discussing:

  • Indigenous and western perspectives of health
  • global policies
  • impacts of COVID-19.

You will also hear from a patient, about her experience with the health system as a First Nations woman.

Listen to the podcast Conversation 1: Who are we here for?

Conversation 2: What do we know?

30 September 2021 | Webinar

What do we know and not know about cultural safety?

Join us as we share key insights and reflections on the literature review, including:

  • local and international Indigenous health frameworks
  • pedagogical and philosophical principles.
  • Dr Erica Sainsbury
  • Associate Professor Faye McMillan AM

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Conversation 3: What are we doing?

28 October 2021 | Webinar

What are we currently doing in pharmacy education to improve health outcomes for First Nations peoples?

Join Aleena Williams, APC Indigenous Health Strategy Group member, in conversation with experts from the:

  • University of South Australia

  • Griffith University

  • Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

  • National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association

  • Australian Pharmacy Council

Panelists will be announced soon.

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Conversation 4: Where do we go from here?

Monday 22 November 2021 | Event | Canberra

Join our Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom AO Distinguished Lecture Series for a panel discussion with leading pharmacy educators, from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds.

We've talked the talk - now we walk the walk.

We'll be discussing engendering transformational change through accreditation, including:

  • enablers and barriers

  • agency and advocacy

  • social accountability.

Panelists will be announced soon.

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