We invite all pharmacists, interns and interested stakeholders to provide feedback.

We are seeking feedback on the usability and practicability of proposed new tools for intern pharmacist assessment and feedback. 

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Over the last three years we have been working closely with the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PharmBA) to improve the supervised practice period, also known as the pharmacist internship year.

Our shared vision is to improve preceptor and intern experiences by providing a range of tools that can be used for assessment and feedback.

Preceptors and supervising pharmacists are expected to ‘assess and provide feedback on the knowledge, skills and performance of the intern so that experiences can be built upon and difficulties identified and remediated’ (PharmBA 2021).

Early this year, we published a revised Intern Year Assessment Blueprint. The blueprint suggests a number of methods that can be used depending on the purpose and context of assessment.

We have now developed an initial suite of tools to assist preceptors and supervising pharmacists in this challenging role.

Download Background Paper intern assessment and feedback tools (8 pages PDF)

How to provide feedback

We encourage you to use the online survey to submit your feedback on each tool. However, if this is not possible you may send us your written feedback in a Word format. Please email to projects@pharmacycouncil.org.au.

Proposed intern assessment tools

Guided by a team of experts from Australia and New Zealand, we have developed an initial suite of tools and accompanying guidance. The proposed tools have been designed to address more than one performance outcome particularly when several outcomes can be demonstrated simultaneously in one context.

The initial suite of tools comprises assessments from the Intern Year Assessment Blueprint:

  1. In-training assessment (ITA) activities
  2. Case-based discussion (CbD)
  3. Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

We have developed a total of 6 tools across the 3 assessments. You can submit feedback on as many tools as you wish.

In Training Assessment (ITA) - Activities

ITA Activity - Health Promotion, health services and public health initiatives tool

The purpose of this tool is to provide interns with structured guidance and templates on which to base the design, implementation and evaluation of a specific health promotion, service or public health initiative which is intended to maintain and/or improve the health of members of the public.

Download In-training Assessment Activity - Health Promotion, health services and public health initiatives (18 pages, docx)

ITA Activity - Reflection tool

The purpose of the reflection tool is to provide interns with a structured means of learning through reflection on events, activities and incidents experienced or observed during the intern year. It is targeted towards reflection in action and reflection on action, as a means of mediating learning from experience. Interns will use the template to create a reflective statement following an event, activity or incident relating to their practice.

Download In-training Assessment Activity - Reflection (18 pages, docx)

Case based discussion tool

The purpose of this tool is to provide interns and supervisors with structured guidance to scaffold learning and facilitate assessment from discussion of a case encountered in the workplace. It typically involves a comprehensive review of a particular case where the learner researches and presents the outcomes of a case review, and engages in a structured discussion with the supervisor who provides feedback and offers prompts for further consideration by the learner.

Download Cased-based Discussion (10 pages, docx)

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

EPAs are defined as “a unit of professional practice (a task or group of tasks) that can be fully entrusted to a trainee, as soon as he or she has demonstrated the necessary competence to execute this activity unsupervised” (ten Cate, Carraccio, Damodaran et al, 2021, p. 200).

Download Intern and Preceptor Guide to Entrustable Professional Activities (12 pages, docx)

This guide describes why and how to adopt an EPA-based framework. It is to be read in conjunction with the following EPAs.

Download Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) 1: Dispensing medicines (14 pages, docx)

Download Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) 2: Compounding pharmaceutical products (10 pages, docx)

Download Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) 3: Providing counselling (10 pages, docx)

Further Information

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email our team at projects@pharmacycouncil.org.au or call us on 02 6188 4288 between 9am and 5pm AEST.

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