OnVUE exams allow you to conveniently take an examination in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by an online proctor. All communication with the proctor is in English.

You can sit the online proctored exam anywhere that has:

  • a reliable device with a webcam
  • a strong internet connection, AND
  • a room where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the exam

You will also need a smart phone to verify your identification.

Process Overview

  1. Run a system test to ensure compatibility with your device.
  2. Register and schedule an exam session via our Candidate Portal.
  3. Log in to OnVUE on exam day using your Candidate Portal details or the check-in link found in your confirmation email from Pearson VUE.
  4. Download the OnVUE application onto your device.
  5. Sit your exam.

On this page:


See the Intern Written exam step-by-step guide for details on how to register.

Key details:

  • Registrations open at 9am on the opening day and close at 5pm AEDT/AEST on the closing date. Check these times in your local time zone with a time zone converter.
  • You register through our Candidate Portal and schedule your exam.
  • There are online proctored exams running 24 hours a day. Whereas test centres are limited to 3 sessions a day.

Rescheduling your exam

You can reschedule the time of your OnVUE appointment up until 1 hour before your exam's scheduled time.

You cannot change delivery mode after you've confirmed your appointment. To be sure of which delivery mode to go with, please read the differences between event-based and online proctored exams, on our Exam dates and centres page.


You'll receive confirmation and reminder emails from our exam provider, Pearson VUE. Read these emails carefully because it will contain important details on the exam process, date and time.

Asking for special accommodation

If you have a disability or health-related needs, you may ask for extra support or an adjustment to complete the exam. We call this type of support 'special accommodation'.

For online proctored exams, we can provide more time to complete the exam.

You'll need to provide evidence to justify your request. You can request this during the registration process.

For details, see our Special Accommodation policy.

Refunds and cancellations

If you need to withdraw from an exam, you need to call Pearson VUE on 1800-023-095. See our APC Examination Fee Refund  policy. For refund amounts please see fees and payments

This policy also applies if you're ill, or if personal circumstances prevent you from sitting the exam on the day.

Online proctored exam checklist and advice

Before exam day

  • Read through our Intern Written Exam information and the OnVUE exam candidate information.
  • Review the system requirements and complete the required system test a few days before you sit the exam.
  • Make sure you run through the entire system test. You should be able to launch a sample exam and successfully complete the system test. A BrowserLock message will appear if your system is blocking the program. It will note what applications are preventing you from running the program. If you cannot get past the BrowserLock message, your device may not be compatible.
  • Familiarise yourself with the online whiteboard tool before exam day.
  • You can reschedule/cancel up until 1 hour prior to your exam by logging in to the candidate portal.
  • Read through your reminder email that contains information regarding misconduct. Your exam can end without notice due to misconduct.

On exam day - check in

  • Check in 30 min prior to the exam, and start the process by logging in to the candidate portal or use the direct check-in link found in your confirmation and reminder emails from Pearson VUE.
  • Have your photo ID ready with you to use.
  • Have all your reference books with you before you start and clear your desk of anything else – you cannot make notes or use any pens/pencils.
  • If your access code is invalid, try closing the tab, and getting a new access code.
  • Allow notifications from the OnVUE application before starting the exam.
  • Your exam will begin within 15 mins of your appointment time. If you have checked in early this may seem like a long time to wait but please be patient.

Exam conditions will begin during the check in process.

You will be recorded, and you cannot:

  • use your phone
  • access other applications on your device
  • leave the camera view
  • use a pen
  • have other persons enter the room, including while you are waiting for the exam to begin

The proctor will stop your exam if you do any of the actions listed above. You will not be able to continue your exam.

On exam day

Check in

Make sure you log into the system 30 minutes before the exam starts.

If you arrive 15 minutes after the scheduled exam time, you will not be able to start your exam.

When you start your exam appointment, OnVUE will provide you a link to an OnVUE app.

The OnVUE app will prompt you to take photos of the following with your smartphone:

  • Headshot
  • Primary ID
  • Testing environment

During check in, the Proctor will ask you to scan your room using your webcam. They will request to inspect any materials near your workstation.

You are permitted a glass of water, reference books and a calculator on your desk.

Technology and internet connection

To ensure your device is compatible with OnVUE, you are required to run a system test prior to your registration and exam date. Make sure you have run through the entire test and have completed the latest updates on your device.

You should be able to launch a sample exam and successfully complete the system test. A BrowserLock message will appear if your system is blocking the program. It will note what applications are preventing you from running the program. If you cannot get past the BrowserLock message, your device may not be compatible.

Key details:

  • OnVUE requires a stable internet connection and strong Wi-Fi. You cannot use mobile hotspot. You are required to switch off your mobile during your exam.
  • If you experience any technical interruptions, you should immediately raise your concern to your online proctor.
  • You can use OnVUE's online whiteboard tool during the exam.

Please see OnVUE's system requirements for more information.

What to bring with you

You'll need to show 1 form of identity (ID) to commence the exam. It must be an acceptable form of primary ID from the list below. All IDs must be current and valid. We cannot accept expired IDs.

Usually, the document would be issued by the country where you're sitting the exam.

If you do not have an acceptable primary ID from that country, use an international travel passport from your country of citizenship as your primary ID.

Primary ID

This ID document must be issued by your government and contain:

  • your full name
  • a recognisable photograph
  • your signature

Types of acceptable primary ID include:

  • international passport
  • government-issued national identity card (with a photo)
  • government-issued citizenship card (with a photo)
  • Australian or New Zealand driver’s licence

IDs that we cannot accept for online proctored exams:

  • Renewal forms with expired ID’s
  • Government-issued name change documents with Government ID
  • Photocopy or digital ID

ID requirements

  • The name on your ID must match the name you used to register for your exam. Email us on exams@pharmacycouncil.org.au before the exam if your name on your ID is different to the one you used to register.
  • The ID must be an original document. We will not accept photocopies, even if they are certified.
  • If you have an issue with your ID, email us on exams@pharmacycouncil.org.au at least 3 days before the exam to request a pre-approval.

Other items

The Intern Written Exam is 'open-book'. This means you can bring:

  • any printed or hand-written reference materials
  • anything on the pre-approved 'Comfort Aid' list
  • a standard, scientific or financial calculator (must not have internet connection)

You cannot have food on your desk unless it fits the pre-approved comfort aid list, but you can have a glass of water on your desk.

Pearson VUE will provide:

  • an online calculator
  • an online whiteboard tool

What NOT to bring with you:

  • a wristwatch
  • pens or pencils
  • stylus/stencil pens
  • food
  • blank sheets of paper or notebooks

Security of OnVUE online proctored exams


OnVUE's online proctoring combines live proctoring with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Your proctor will be a Pearson VUE certified proctor who monitors you via webcam and microphone.

SmartReview, powered by AI, monitors, records and flags suspicious behaviour. For example it will detect if the candidate swaps seats with someone during the exam.

Exams are terminated immediately if prohibited or suspicious behaviour is detected.

Personal data protection

Pearson VUE manages and deletes your data according to the data privacy laws in Australia. 

Your information is kept for 90 days. It will be then be permanently deleted.

Your keystrokes are saved every three seconds to avoid data loss.

Checking your ID

Because this is an online proctored exam, you will need to check yourself in. This means you will run through ID authentication protocols using artificial intelligence (AI). 

If you cannot pass your AI photo verification process, you will be automatically connected to a live greeter, who manually performs the ID verification. They will instruct you to make any necessary modifications to the testing environment.

You will not be permitted to sit your exam if you cannot be positively identified.


To learn more about the contents of the exam see our Intern Written Examination guide and sample paper.

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