Our Accreditation Assessment Teams (formerly known as Site Evaluation Teams) help us when we are accrediting pharmacy programs. 

These teams assess pharmacy programs against our accreditation standards. They then prepare a report of their findings. The Accreditation Committee uses this report when they make their final accreditation decision.

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What is an Accreditation Assessment Team?

An experienced team of people who assess pharmacy programs against our Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Programs.

The team consists of up to 3 assessors. Depending on the type of program being assessed, the roles might include:

  • chair (senior academic)
  • academic
  • practising pharmacist (hospital/community/other).

The team's responsibilities are to:

  • review the accreditation application submitted by the education provider
  • review documented evidence submitted by the education provider
  • take part in a site visit - a visit to the provider's site to assess the pharmacy program(s)
  • conduct interviews with key program stakeholders
  • prepare a report for the Accreditation Committee.

The team is supported by an APC representative who:

  • reviews the material submitted by the education provider
  • develops the site visit schedule in conjunction with the Team Chair
  • attends the site visit
  • coordinates the drafting of the team's report
  • provides support to assessors.

What does a site visit involve?

Site visits from an Accreditation Assessment Team are dynamic. They will differ depending on the nature of the education provider. 

They run for about 3 days depending on the type of program under review.

The site visit involves a series of interviews. We begin with a general program focus and then lead into a detailed investigation.

During the interviews we speak with:

  • high-level staff
  • academic and professional staff
  • students/interns
  • preceptors
  • program advisory group members.

The main function of the site visit is to verify information within the application and supporting documents. But assessors must remain aware that the aim is to substantiate:

  • how the unit delivering the program will address any outstanding matters from the previous team's report
  • how the unit delivering the program will maintain or build on its strengths
  • how the unit delivering the program plans to address any weaknesses
  • the future plans of the unit delivering the program.

What can I expect as an assessor?

Before a site visit

As an assessor you are expected to:

  • familiarise yourself with our accreditation process and the accreditation standards
  • assess the accreditation application submitted by the education provider
  • assess the supporting evidence submitted by the education provider against the standards
  • provide comments on the accreditation application
  • take part in a Zoom video conference 1 to 2 weeks before the site visit to meet the other assessors and discuss the program.

During the site visit

  • actively contribute throughout the site visit, during interviews and team discussions
  • conduct yourself in a professional manner.

After the site visit

  • actively contribute to the drafting of the team's report
  • the Team Chair provides a verbal report to the Accreditation Committee about the site visit.

How can I become an assessor?

You can apply to be included on our Assessor Register.

Please contact us for details of how to submit an expression of interest.   

All successful candidates will be included on the register for a period of 3 years. At the end of the 3 years, we will contact you about the process for reapplying.

We will notify unsuccessful applicants. They will be eligible to reapply after 12 months.

Once I'm on the Assessor Register, when will I be selected for a team?

The number of program assessments we conduct each year varies depending on the number of programs seeking accreditation.

Therefore, not all individuals on the Assessor Register will be invited to join a team each year.

We identify programs/providers that are due to undertake accreditation a year in advance. Once we do this, we contact all individuals on the Assessor Register to check their availability.

We then appoint teams in accordance with our Accreditation Assessment Team Selection Criteria (formerly 'Site Evaluation Team Selection Criteria').

We also request a declaration of any potential conflicts of interest.

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How can I find out more information?

Please email our Accreditation Team.

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