We spent this year's World Pharmacist Day physically distancing. Yet we still felt connected through global celebrations and communication.

This year especially has highlighted the importance of a pharmacist's role in our community. Their characters have shone even brighter throughout bush fires and COVID-19 around the globe. And our communities have seen just how essential they are to public health.

We celebrated the resilience of pharmacists on the front line in difficult and challenging conditions, and managing public fears of medication shortages with aplomb. We recognise the critical role they have had in providing advice on how to prevent spread of the virus and the care they have provided to their communities.

We celebrate the diligent and tireless work of pharmaceutical scientists testing COVID-19 vaccinations. And the pharmacy educators working hard to reinvent their courses and support their students, whilst teaching from home.

'The resilience of pharmacy academics, students, interns and pharmacists to adapt to new and innovative ways of teaching, learning and delivering pharmacy services in 2020 has been inspiring.’ - Kate Spencer, APC Pharmacist, Accreditation.

This year hasn't changed the role of a pharmacist. They've always been this impressive. These challenging circumstances have merely shone light on their extraordinary skills, compassion and strength to turn up again and again.

Though, we do look forward to the opportunities in healthcare that will arise for pharmacists as a result of the pandemic.

We want to give a special shout out to the pharmacists on our Board, our in-house pharmacists, our Committee members, contributors and project partners who contribute to the hard work we do in advancing and assuring pharmacy education in Australia and New Zealand.

Here at APC we celebrated with custom made cupcakes.


NAPSA students and interns around Australia gave their shout out to all the pharmacists around the globe:

Accreditation Committee announcement

We also announced new appointments to our Accreditation Committee. Six of the 10 Committee members are registered pharmacists.

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