This pathway shows you how to apply for a Skills Assessment letter.

You need this letter to get a visa if you want to migrate here after graduating and registering in New Zealand. You do not need it if you only want to work here.


This process applies if you:

  • have completed an approved program in Australia or a substantially equivalent program in New Zealand or have completed an approved adjudication process in New Zealand
  • are currently registered to practise in either Australia or New Zealand, and
  • now want to migrate to Australia.

If you're currently registered in New Zealand and want to work in Australia but not migrate, you do not need a Skills Assessment letter. You can apply to register directly with the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Processing time: 8 weeks

If you leave out any documents or provide incorrect information, the process will take longer.

Cost: AU$1290


When you apply for a Skills Assessment letter, you need to include scans of:

You do not need to:

  • have any documents certified
  • show proof of English competency

If you leave out any documents or provide incorrect information, the process will take longer than usual.


Show your correct name

Your name must appear the same way on all your documents as it does on your passport, including your:

  • academic qualifications
  • evidence of registration

Send us proof of any name change. Documents that prove a change of name include:

  • a marriage or divorce certificate
  • a deed poll
  • change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, or the relevant authority outside Australia
  • documents that show other formal names you've been known by

Create files

Scan all original documents in colour. We will not accept scans of a copy, even if you get it certified.

The scans must be clear enough for us to read the file, so take them in high resolution. Include all edges, corners and images from the original document.

If a document has more than 1 page, save all pages in 1 file.

Name each file in English with a descriptive title, for example:

  • Marriage-certificate.png
  • Passport.pdf
  • Registration.jpg

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Academic qualifications

To apply using this process, you must have graduated with a degree in New Zealand. To show this, please include:

  • your degree certificate OR letter of completion if your degree has not yet been issued
  • your academic transcript, with all pages saved as a single PDF file

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Proof of your identity

Provide scans of the pages of your current passport showing your:

  • photo
  • personal details
  • passport issue and expiry dates

We cannot accept scans of an expired passport.

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Registration and work history

You need to be fully registered in either Australia or New Zealand to apply using this process. To show this, please provide a scan of your:

  • original registration in Australia or New Zealand
  • current registration in Australia or New Zealand

You do not need to have worked as a pharmacist to apply for a Skills Assessment letter.

However, if you have been working, you may want us to make a note of your work history in the Skills Assessment letter.

We can only consider your work experience if you've worked:

  • as a retail or hospital pharmacist
  • for more than 20 hours per week
  • for at least 12 months in the last 10 years

If this applies to you, and you want us to comment on your work history, include scans of:

  • original work references for all your jobs as a fully registered pharmacist, using the Work Experience Reference template
  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) that shows start and finish dates for all your jobs as a fully registered pharmacist
  • evidence of registration during periods of employment.

You can find further details in the Work Experience Reference template.

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Check that you're eligible to apply

You must:

  • have completed an approved pharmacy qualification, or been through an approved adjudication process, in New Zealand
  • be fully registered to to practise in either Australia or New Zealand
  • want to migrate to Australia

If your degree is incomplete, you are not eligible for a Skills Assessment letter.

If you completed your degree in a different country, go to the Skills Assessments page.

If you want to work in Australia without migrating here, you do not need a Skills Assessment letter. You can apply to register directly with the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Gather your documents

You'll need to provide us with documents to:

  • show that you meet the eligibility criteria
  • support the claims you make in your application

Get help with your application if you want to

Anyone can help you fill out forms or give you general help with your application.

But you may want us to correspond with another person, such as a migration agent or family member, instead of you.

If you want to nominate someone else to work with us, download and fill in our Agent Authorisation form. Both you and your nominated agent must sign it.

Please note that your nominated agent must use a different email address to yours.

You'll need to scan and upload the completed form in your application where it says 'If you use an agent'.

If you nominate someone else, we'll only talk to your authorised agent about your Skills Assessment letter.

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Sign in to our Candidate Portal

Create an account in our Candidate Portal using your name and address.

In the portal, you will:

  • set up a candidate profile
  • request a Skills Assessment eligibility check

Upload your documents

Make you have all the correct documents, and that they're correctly prepared.

Pay the fee online

We can accept payment by credit or debit card. Your card must be issued by a bank in your country of residence.

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We'll email you to let you know when we've received your application.

Wait to hear from us again

It will take us about 8 weeks to complete your eligibility check.

If you leave out any documents or send us the wrong ones, it will take us longer.

Send us more information if we ask

We may contact you by email to tell you we need more information.

If we ask for more information, you have 90 days to get this to us.

If we do not receive the correct information from you within 90 days, our system will close your application. If this happens, you'll need to re-apply and pay the fee again.

Receive your Skills Assessment letter

We'll email you (or your agent) a copy of the Skills Assessment letter.

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Once you have a Skills Assessment letter from us, you can use it to support your application to the Department of Home Affairs for a visa application.

The Department of Home Affairs sets the validity period for your Skills Assessment letter. Contact them to check how long it will be valid.

If something significant changes after we issue your Skills Assessment letter, you can ask us for an updated Skills Assessment.

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